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Your future career within your reach 


  • 3 months full time training for a CGTI Diploma

  • Work attachment for 12 months  upon completion of  Diploma of choice under the program


  1. Diploma in Apparel Design and  Product Development

  2. Diploma in Apparel Merchandising

  3. Diploma in Industrial Engineering, Quality and Production




  • University Graduate

  • Good English literacy



  • Develop new skills applicable in the growing textile and fashion industry in Cambodia

  • Hone professional work skills through training under participating company

  • Access to career opportunities  in the textile and fashion industry


  • The Textile and Fashion Industry

  • The Program Outline

  • The Participating Company


  • CGTI will brief the candidate about the industry, the participating company, the Train and Place program, and the diploma program outline and assign him/her to the respective participating company for interview.


  • Participating company shall interview candidate, and if the candidate is suitable, the company will issue the letter of work attachment to the student for 12 months after completion of the diploma. 


  • The company shall pay the candidate a minimum wage of USD250 per month x 12 months subject to fulfilling participating company regular working hours

  • Candidate shall then be enrolled in CGTI in the respective diploma program and study in CGTI full time from 8am to 4pm daily Monday to Saturday for 3 months in its respective programs

  • Candidate will receive his/her diploma upon completion of the 3 months training and 12 months internship.

During the Diploma Period of Study


  • Candidate must fulfill a minimum attendance of 75% and must pass the assessments for each module within the diploma.

  • Candidate who is at a risk of failing assessments will be alerted about the consequences and counselled by CGTI administrative staff.


During the Work Attachment Period


  • Candidate will be paid USD250 per month for 12 months subject to fulfilling the participating company’s regular working hours.

  • Candidate will have to go back to CGTI to atend a one day mentorship program once every month for the 12 months.  




1. What is the name of the program?

  • Train and Place Program.

  • Upon completion of the 3 months training in CGTI and 12 month work attachment, candidate shall be awarded the CGTI Diploma in the respective specialization.


2. How does this program fit into the Cambodia Textile and Garment Industry?

CGTI diploma is the first professional qualification in the area of Textile and Fashion in Cambodia. The entire program is designed with the following objectives in mind:

  • Improve skill set of current workforce in the industry

  • Inject new talent to industry through CGTI train and place program

  • Improve productivity

  • Reduce unemployment in Cambodia

  • Achieve higher personal income for Khmers thus contributing to the local economy

  • Increase value-add activities such as product development, marketing, sampling, sourcing, pattern making, grading and marker development in Cambodia. Currently 95% of the factories only provides CMT (Cut, Make and Trim)


3. Is this a full-time or part-time program?

The Train and Place Program is a full-time program comprising:
•    3 months studies in CGTI from Monday to Saturday 8am to 4pm, 
•    12 months work attachment in a company according to their stipulated working hours


4. Who should sign up for this program?

Local university graduates who possess English literacy and have the passion to pursue a dynamic career in the exciting world of fashion and textile.


5. What are the benefits of this program?

It gives locals the rare opportunity to pursue the industry recognized CGTI Diploma qualifications at a highly subsidized rate, along with work attachment opportunity in the industry.


6. How will it benefit me? Why should I CGTI Diploma ?

After completion 3 to 3.5  months studies will received a employment contract 12 month work attachment. During the work attachment, you shall also receive min USD250 per month throughout their 12 months.  Potential career advancement with attractive financial remuneration.  For more details, contact CGTI.


7. What are the prospects in terms of job availability & sector growth for graduates of this course?

According to industry survey, there are job prospects for professionals in areas of merchandising, production, compliance, lean, quality control/assurance, marketing, design, pattern making, logistics, etc. in the textile and fashion industry. Factories are looking for local professionals to recruit for middle management positions.


8. How many subjects/modules are there?

Each Diploma program has the following modules:

  • Diploma in Apparel Design & Product Development- 15 modules

  • Diploma in Apparel Merchandising - 14 modules

  • Diploma in Industrial Engineering, Quality & Production - 14 modules


9. How are these modules conducted?

The modules will be conducted in the form of lectures, discussions, demonstrations, case-studies, practical exercises, role plays, hands-on activities, factory visits, laboratory visits, etc.


10. What is the minimum passing mark?

Candidate must attain 75% attendance for each module in order to sit for assessments.  A minimum passing mark of 60% is required.  Candidate will be assessed based on the required competencies demonstrated during assessments. The assessment will be carried out after each module in the form of written test, role play, project submission, oral test, etc.


 11. Can I defer my studies?

No, you cannot defer your studies.


12. What if I cannot serve the work attachment?

You cannot receive the CGTI Diploma .


13. What happens after my work attachment?

After the program, the participating company has the first option to offer a permanent job to you. CGTI shall also facilitate in suitable job placement in the industry.


14. How will this new qualification value add to the careers of existing industry practitioners?

Participants will gain the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to further their career in the industry. The CGTI Diploma gives industry practitioners a locally recognized qualification and in the process certify their skills and work experience.


15. What are the candidate’s obligations under the Train and Place Program?

  • Meet at least 75% attendance per module during the 3 months training in CGTI Diploma

  • Pass the competency assessments at the end of each module in CGTI Diploma

  • Candidate has to work in the participating company for 12 calendar months

  • Candidate will have to go back to CGTI to attend a one-day mentorship program once every month for the 12 months after the 3 months diploma studies in CGTI while being attached to the participating company

  • Candidate will receive his/her diploma upon completion of the 3 months training and 12 months internship


16. In the event that candidate is unable to complete the following?

  •   3 months of Diploma program -

       Will not received the CGTI Diploma .

  • 12 months work attachment

       Candidate will not be able the CGTI Diploma .







Over the phone or online

+855 23 622 7777

+855 88 969 6688 ( Andrew Tey)

+855 97 824 7766 ( Rortha )

+855 70 648 666   ( General )


Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone,

Phum Trapeang Kul, Sangkat Kantouk, 
Khan Porsenchey, Phnom Penh,

Kingdom of Cambodia 

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